The Wars of Temm Spek
Dates 13th February 1034 - 7th August 1034
Location The Valley of Temm Spek, Fengellegur
Result Truce
The Loyalists


The Separatists
Commanders and Leaders
George, Lord of the Realm

Dillon, Bringer of the Beard

Tom, The Betrayer of Pacts

Sam, The Manipulator of Threads

The Wars of Temm Spek are a series of conflicts between two major factions in the Realm of Fengellegur. On one side is the League of Bearded Gentlemen, a group who support the Lords' governance over the Realm and in particular George's hold on the Seat of Pelinor. On the other side is the Tomspyk Crew, who reject the Lords' claim over the Realm and seek to oust George from his seat and turn the Realm into its own independent state, far removed from the Lords and the Nine Realms. While Jarrett's Brigade technically fight for the League's cause, Jarrett is often loathe to intervene and the Brigade just watch on the sidelines, occasionally dropping in for a fight. While initially the wars appear to be merely simple skirmishes, it is eventually revealed that there is a far more sinister power at work pulling the strings behind everything that has happened.