The Void is a mysterious plane of existence that links all locations in the space-time continuum together. While many scholars and scientists have attempted to futher our knowledge of the Void, for the most part it sullenly resists any kind of probing, leaving us baffled and confused as to its purpose and meaning. While the amount of knowledge we have regarding the Void is little, there are some people who have the ability to tap into its power or even openly explore it: a feat which many have attempted and failed spectacularly.


It is presumed that the Void has existed as long as our universe, and will continue to exist until the universe eventually collapses due to the Event. Some scholars also link the Void with the High Lord Jarrett - there is a high chance that the Void and the Lord are linked in some way, as many of Jarrett's powers transcend human understanding, much like the Void.

Entering the VoidEdit

While there are a few people to whom the Void opens readily (for example, the famed time traveller Gabhood), entrance to the Void is often a long and arduous process. Many have perished attempting to summon an entrance to the Void, as they have accidentally reversed the dimensions and summoned themselves into the Void, where a quick fate is almost certain. Even experienced temporal scholars find it difficult to create an entrance to the Void, as the exact conditions for entrance are highly specific. Since the Void is everywhere and everywhen, pinpointing the exact location of a Void entrance is near-impossible, and it is a Herculean task to narrow the coordinates down to even the current century.

Some scholars (including the famed Void Philosopher Quentyn Allamar) have suggested that entering the Void can only be done by not trying to enter the Void. There are several facts that support this theory. One notable Void entrance was created by accident when George and Lewis were messing around in Jarrett's laboratory. Quite by accident, they created one of the most stable Void entrances in all of history. The entrance was so stable that Lewis managed to exist in the Void for a good ten minutes before he was rescued.

In the VoidEdit

Once one has entered the Void, there is very little to see. The Void is, in essence, nothingness. It is merely a way of linking many far-reaching points on the space-time continuum. It has not yet been discovered whether it is possible to accurately select one's destination - indeed, only Gabhood has ever been known to emerge from the Void knowing where he is.