The Nine Realms are a set of regions that make up the country of Flondas. While each Realm makes up part of Flondas and must follow the commands issued by the High Lord Jarrett in Acrylion, each Realm is relatively self-sustaining, with its own government and policies. Each Realm is governed by a Lord, appointed personally by the High Lord, and it is this Lord who has the final say in any of the decisions made in that Realm. Due to the differences in opinions between Lords, each of the Nine Realms has become very different, in a multitude of ways.

The RealmsEdit


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  • Lord: George, Lord of the Realm
  • Chancellor: Lewis, High Scholar of the Dimensions
  • Capital: Pelinor
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Strengths: Research, Economy

George, the most recently appointed Lord, has transformed the Realm of Fengellegur from a sprawling wreck into one of the most thriving places in all of Flondas, with good economical ties with the rest of the Realms. With George at the helm, the Realm has also become notorious for its scholars and philosophers, making Fengellegur one of the most educated Realms as well. Since the Seat of Pelinor was unheld for a long period prior to George's arrival, some of the denizens of the Realm are suspicious of George's claim to the position of Lord, but there are many more who support him and are delighted at the changes he has made.


  • Lady: Chervil, Quencher of Banter
  • Chancellor: MacVyrne, Globetrotter
  • Capital: Banterbury
  • Climate: Arid
  • Strengths: Economy, Military

Once nothing but lawless plains with ranches and towns dotted across it, Consolia has changed much since the usuper Chervil took the seat of Lord with the help of her resistance. Previously Consolia had been known for the banter that flowed throughout the Realm, especially due to the Bantermancers, noble men who sought to protect the innocent. But Chervil forbade this banter and now Consolia has become dull and reclusive, the Bantermancers all but wiped out during Chervil's persecution of them. However, Chervil's ascencion has only improved the Realm's already stellar economy, and the trade in and out of the realm has never been better without banter to prevent it.