The League of Bearded Gentlemen
Icon Str
16 + 2.4
Icon Agi selected
28 + 3.5
Icon Int
20 + 1.4
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 454 1176 1917
Mana 260 559 949
Damage 40-50 94-104 144-154
Armor 2 9.63 16.56
Attacks / Second 1.02 1.45 1.85
Movement Speed 300
Turn Rate 0.6
Sight Range 1500/500
Attack Range Melee
Missile Speed Instant
Attack Duration 0.5 + 0.9
Cast Duration 0.3 + 1.0
Base Attack Time 1.25

Pell, the Enigmatic Fool, is a melee Agility hero.


Pell, the Enigmatic Fool
'It's not racist if you like it!'
Role: Initiator
Lore: Of all the members of the League of Bearded Gentlemen, nobody is as mysterious as Pell. To outsiders he appears to be just a simple fool, with very little knowledge of the outside world. However, on the inside he is a cunning, almost Machiavellian figure, with a penchant for plagiarism.

Pell has always lived in Pelinor, but his life has been far from ordinary. His father and mother were always deeply involved in the Underground's network of espionage and intrigue, and this affected Pell from a young age. Whereas other youngsters might play openly on the streets, Pell became a suspicious recluse, fearing strangers and outsiders. As he grew older he began to assist the Underground in their missions, creeping about Pelinor searching for gossip.

It was during his time as amateur spy that Pell became aware of his ability to mimic and copy. Signatures, handwriting, even writing styles... Pell could accurately recreate anything he saw. Both he and the Underground's Grandmeister realised that this was a powerful weapon in their arsenal, and they sought to finely hone it.

To prevent his secret becoming common knowledge, Pell adapted the persona of a fool so as not to be detected. This would allow him to creep around without suspicion, taking care of the Underground's business without any interruptions. Pell also met Dillon around this time, and the young tinkerer developed several gadgets for him to use, such as a device that could help Pell disguise as anyone he met.

When George and Lewis arrived in Pelinor, the Underground were initially suspicious, and Dillon challenged the Lord openly. But Pell had a feeling that they could trust the pair, and when George proved himself on the battleground, this appeared to be correct. However, Pell never entirely revealed how much he knew to either George or Lewis, but kept this knowledge to himself. After all, it wouldn't do to tell anyone you could flawlessly pass yourself as a Lord of the Nine Realms.



Ability Affects Damage
No Target Self N/A
Pell uses his skill to blend into the surroundings, turning completely invisible. While he is invisible he can use abilities without breaking the invisibility.
Duration: 3/6/9/12
Cooldown icon 30 Mana icon 40/60/80/100
Sometimes Pell just wants to blend in.


Ability Affects Damage
Passive Self N/A
Despite being a brilliant manipulator, Pell has a slightly less intelligent side that is, unfortunately, completely retarded. This ignorance gives Pell an incredible bliss that allows him to regenerate his energy. Charges on Ignorance are gained over time when Pell doesn't attack or use any abilities, and are lost when he casts one, or takes damage.
Bonus Health Regen per charge: 2/4/6/8
Bonus Mana Regen per charge: 2/4/6/8
Time per charge: 8/7/6/5
Max Charges: 5/6/7/8
Ignorance is bliss, as they say.


Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Self N/A
Pell carefully studies his target, and copies their attributes for a small period of time. These attributes replace Pell's, even if they are lower that what he currently has.
Duration: 5/10/15/20
Bonus Movement Speed:
Cooldown icon 45/40/35/30 Mana icon 100/125/150/200
Pell can pick off what makes an enemy tick from afar


Ability Affects Damage
No Target Self N/A
Pell goes into deep cover and takes on the form of the last hero he saw, be it friend or foe, gaining the use of all their abilities. Pell retains his stats and items during this transformation, and will still appear on the map as himself. If he steals the identity of an enemy, towers and enemy minions will not target him. Pell can use these abilities on both friend and foe, and can also attack his friends to maintain the pretense (albeit at a lower damage so as not to seriously hurt them). If Pell can successfully attack foes without them realising he is not whom they think he is, he will deal bonus damage, but if they attack him the disguise will be broken. However, if Pell wishes, he can break his disguise at any time, regardless of the current situation.
Bonus Damage against foes: 25%/50%/75%
Reduced Damage against allies: 70%/80%/90%
Cooldown icon 30 Mana icon 150
Pell's ability to mimic others is nearly impossible to detect.

Break Mimic

Ability Affects Damage
No Target Self N/A
Pell breaks his disguise, allowing him to use his own abilities again.
It's nice to be back.

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