The League of Bearded Gentlemen
Icon Str
16 + 1.5
Icon Agi
13 + 1.7
Icon Int selected
23 + 2.5
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 454 910 1518
Mana 299 806 1339
Damage 35-45 74-84 115-125
Armor 1 4.85 9.51
Attacks / Second 0.94 1.16 1.44
Movement Speed 300
Turn Rate 0.7
Sight Range 1750/750
Attack Range 700
Missile Speed 1000
Attack Duration 0.5 + 1.2
Cast Duration 0.3 + 1.5
Base Attack Time 1.2

Lewis, High Scholar of the Dimensions is a ranged Intelligence hero who is an important member of the League of Bearded Gentlemen. His main role when in the fray is to scout the area and track down any enemies attempting to breach the base or escape from a defeat. However, when he is not scouting, he is fairly competent in a duel or epic battle.


Lewis, High Scholar of the Dimensions
'Guess what? I don't care.'
Role: Support / Lane Support
Lore: While the task of ruling the Realm falls to George, he would not cope without the helpful (and occasionally snide) advice of Lewis, who has gained the title of 'High Scholar of Faggotry' due to his excellent work.

Lewis grew up among the servants and scholars in the Towers of Acrylion, the intellectual centre of the Nine Realms. It was here that he met George and the pair's exploits were well known throughout the Towers and the city of Acrylion itself. However, while George was taught in the ways of magick and power by the High Lord Jarrett, Lewis was stuck as a mere scullion in the kitchens. But, fortunately for Lewis, he would not be stuck in this position for long.

One day, without Jarrett's permission, George invited Lewis to examine his experiments in the field of temporal science. However, Lewis accidentally tripped a switch and the temporal energies reacted explosively, causing an entrance to the Void to appear in the room, engulfing him.

Lewis's mind was immediately bombarded with the Void's mysterious tachyon particles and in one instant his mind contained knowledge humans were never intended to know. Normally, such exposure to the tachyons is fatal: many who venture into the space-time void fail to return. Fortunately, he was rescued: not by Jarrett or George but by the time traveller Gabhood, who had felt the disturbances within the void and come at once.

Jarrett was not pleased when he discovered what had happened, and both of the boys were severely punished. However, Lewis had not escaped from the void completely unscathed: he had gained several abilities. He could actually manipulate the spacial aspect of the space-time void, and could create spacial anomalies such as portals. It was decided that Lewis was now too dangerous to be set free among the commoners, and it was decided that he would be elevated to George's assistant, to keep him out of any trouble. Lewis' particular set of skills would come in handy on many of the pair's great adventures, especially their travels to the Seat of Pelinor, in George's new Realm.



Ability Affects Damage
Target Point N/A N/A
Lewis creates a wormhole that links any point on the map with his current position. Any friendly unit can use the wormhole, and any enemy units in the vicinity of the wormhole's exits will be slowed. Travel through the wormhole is instantaneous.
Duration: 10/20/30/40
Movement Speed Slow: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Maximum Number of Portal Sets: 1/1/2/2
Cooldown icon 24/20/16/12 Mana icon 100/120/140/160
Lewis can literally bend the laws of space to make long distances much shorter.


Ability Affects
Lewis uses all of his power to transport the nearest enemy heroes to his position, before stunning them. The units will not be returned to their initial position after their ordeal is completed.
Time to Channel: 4/3/2
Enemy Heroes Transported: 3/4/5
Stun: 2/4/6
Cooldown icon 100 Mana icon 300/400/500
Lewis enjoys playing mind games with his enemies.

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