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  • Normally I'm not the one being tested.

Drawing First BloodEdit

  • Simple. Just as I expected.

Using the Whip of TruthEdit

  • My whip.
  • The truth will be revealed.
  • Take that.
  • It is time to fight.

Using the Umbrella of ShieldingEdit

  • My umbrella.
  • Try to get me now.

Casting Jarrettian ParadoxEdit

  • John Barrett.
  • It is time.
  • Unlimited power at my disposal.

Killing a HeroEdit

  • You had no chance.
  • I don't think you're right.
  • Farewell.
  • Your failure is directly proportional to your lack of skill.
  • You must read the course notes.

Killing a RivalEdit

  • Ben: You must try harder.
  • Bollie: I didn't expect this of you.
  • Gabhood: I always was stronger than you.
  • Joby: Not your best effort.
  • Saxon: I didn't think you were ready.
  • Saxon: You fail.
  • Saxon: Saxon. You fall again.
  • Saxon: Supervised study. Now.
  • Saxon: Have you even read the course notes?

Meeting an AllyEdit

  • There is no need to worry.
  • Bollie: I'm not surprised to find you here.
  • George: Ah, my favourite student.
  • George: We meet again.
  • Gabhood: Greetings, professor.
  • Gabhood: We shall collaborate.
  • Lewis: There is no reason you should fail.
  • Joby: Ah, you're clever.
  • Saxon: I know you have a certain history, but I believe we should have no problem cooperating.
  • Saxon: I will put our past aside.


  • Well, that was just crap.
  • I was not expecting this.

Purchasing ArtefactsEdit

The Course NotesEdit

  • I must make sure to remember these.
  • My course notes are always essential.
  • AS: This is just remembering equations.
  • AS: There's nothing to worry about here.
  • A2: Now we get something interesting.
  • A2: Knowledge is essential.