The Tomspyk Crew
Icon Str
20 + 2.5
Icon Agi
20 + 2.5
Icon Int selected
20 + 2.5
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 530 1271 2050
Mana 260 767 1300
Damage 50-60 89-99 130-140
Armor 5 10.53 16.2
Attacks / Second 0.92 1.22 1.53
Movement Speed 300
Turn Rate 0.4
Sight Range 1800/800
Attack Range 600
Missile Speed 500
Attack Duration 0.7 + 1.8
Cast Duration 0.6 + 2.0
Base Attack Time 1.3

Jamie, Hero of the Ages, is a melee Intelligence hero who fights for the Tomspyk Crew.


Jamie, Hero of the Ages
'Let's go boys!'
Role: Carry / Initiator
Lore: Thousands of years ago, the people of Tomspyk were held in the iron grip of the cruel Lord from Pelinor. But a hero emerged from the ruins of the fighting - the Hero of the Ages, Wraethal. Wraethal fought for the people all over Fengellegur, and the Lord was soon ousted from his seat, a seat that remain vacant for centuries.

Much, much later, there was news in Tomspyk - a new Lord had arrived in Pelinor - George. And then that same night a mysterious fellow arrived in Tomspyk - Jamie. The people of the town took it as a sign - Jamie was clearly no other than a reincarnation of Wraethal himself! Jamie quickly became the talk of the town and the Elders Tom and Sam immediately sought him out.

Jamie did not believe these claims for one instant, but he played along, getting close to the leaders of Tomspyk. Soon he was one of the highest ranking members in the Tomspyk Crew, a small group of people who actively opposed George's rule. He formulated superb strategies and kept everyone in line with surprising efficiency. But Jamie didn't care about Tomspyk. He had his own reason to fight Lord George. Jamie sought to be the most powerful being in all of the many universes, and if the High Lord Jarrett was interested in George's potential, then so was Jamie.

So reincarnation or not, Jamie aided the Tomspyk Crew in their endless struggle against the League of Bearded Gentlemen, awaiting the day that he and George would finally duel.