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  • Shwibb's gonna get real!
  • This is going to be fun!
  • Hello again!
  • They call me George, Lord of the Realm.
  • All hail Lord George!

Beginning the BattleEdit

  • The time has come at last.
  • It begins!
  • Finally!
  • What took you so long?
  • Good luck, don't die!

Drawing First BloodEdit

  • HA! My skills are still impeccable!

Being First BloodEdit

  • No! I'm just a little rusty, that's all!


  • Onwards!
  • Let's go!
  • Yup.
  • With pleasure.
  • Ha!
  • Looking good...


  • Ha ha!
  • Death falls upon you!
  • Fear my might!
  • Ha!
  • He he he he!
  • Run, foolish fools!

Casting a SpellEdit

  • Here we go!
  • BOOM!
  • Magnificent!

Casting ShwazamEdit

  • Shwazam!
  • Whoosh!
  • Crackaboom!
  • Ha!

Casting Wibbler's LightEdit

  • Wibbler's Light!
  • It's a bit dark around here... Let's light it up.
  • There you go!
  • Supportiness!
  • I'm helping!
  • Why not support today?

Casting Wibbler's FlashEdit

  • Flash!
  • Wibbler's Flash!
  • Bye!
  • Off we go!
  • Farewell, fools!
  • Got me! Oh wait, no.

Channelling Lol-Induced WibblebeamEdit

  • Wait for it...
  • Here we go...
  • So, it's time again.
  • Watch it!

Successfully casting Lol-Induced WibblebeamEdit

  • Oh my! Such skill!
  • That actually worked.
  • I didn't expect that.

Failing to cast Lol-Induced WibblebeamEdit

  • Balls.
  • What a waste of an ultimate.
  • I blame you, [closest ally]!

Gaining a LevelEdit

  • Even more skill!
  • I knew I could be better!
  • Such skill is unparalleled!
  • Ooooh, what new frontiers can I explore?
  • Excellent!
  • Exceptional!

Reaching Level 25Edit

  • At last, I know it all!
  • I have finally attained perfection!

Killing a HeroEdit

  • Lel!
  • Lol!
  • Easy. EASY!
  • Nub!
  • Scrub!
  • Noob!
  • You were a mere mortal after all.
  • Death comes quickly to those who oppose me!
  • Oh my!
  • Take that!
  • He's only gone and done it!


  • Double kill: Twice the fun!
  • Double kill: The fun has been doubled!
  • Double kill: Second!
  • Triple kill: Another for my collection.
  • Triple kill: Didn't see that coming, did you?
  • Ultra kill: I can feel my skill increasing!
  • Ultra kill: Come on, this is easy!

Killing a RivalEdit

  • Bollie: We always knew who would win.
  • Dillon: That's not how you spell 'death'. Oh wait, yes it is.
  • Dillon: You just couldn't survive.
  • Elliot: You are no match for magic, Mr Gould.
  • Elliot: Sorry, I couldn't hear that over me destroying you.
  • Gabhood: But are you sure that's even possible?
  • Gabhood: See, I was right all along!
  • James: Is this really that surprising?
  • James: Wow.
  • Jamie: So much for being the best.
  • Jarrett: I can even defeat my master!
  • Jarrett: The student has become the master!
  • Lewis: My skill level was greater than yours!
  • Lewis: HA! You're just not good enough!
  • Pell: I had a feeling you would die today, Pell.
  • Pell: What a noob!
  • Saxon: I always defeat you, Saxon.
  • Saxon: Another victory!

Meeting an AllyEdit

  • I'm here to help, and by help I mean steal your kills.
  • Fear not, your friendly neighbourhood George has arrived to save the day!
  • Lewis: Life to the lifelords, death to the deathlords!
  • Lewis: Our combined skill will be unstoppable!
  • Dillon: Hello, fellow gentleman!
  • Pell: If we die, it's your fault.

Last HittingEdit

  • I'll have that!
  • Mine!
  • Nice try!
  • Ha!

Being GankedEdit

  • No! Noo!
  • Ack! Didn't see that coming!
  • Help! Help! Help! Help!
  • Four people: Oh god! Help me!
  • Four people: Aaagghhh! Help! Help!
  • Five people: They all want me dead!
  • Five people: HEEEEEELP!
  • Five people: It's happening again!


  • No! I wasn't paying attention!
  • Don't do that!
  • I shall return!
  • What skill!
  • I don't die, I just... go away for a bit.
  • It's a bad idea to make me angry...
  • Oh dear...
  • Oh. Ohhhh...
  • More than 5 deaths: Not again!
  • More than 10 deaths: Oh, for god's sake!
  • More than 20 deaths: This is just getting silly now.


  • I'm back, bitches!
  • Hello again!
  • Did you think you'd got rid of me?
  • I don't die!
  • Not that easy to stop the lord!

Visiting the ShopEdit

  • What can I buy today?
  • What's on offer?
  • Hmmm...
  • Choices, choices...
  • Ah! Of course!

Encountering a MerchantEdit

  • Hey! Merchant!
  • I'd like to make a purchase!
  • Hey! Wait up!
  • Ahoy there!

Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • This could be useful!
  • An excellent choice!
  • Cheap as chips, with a bit of inflation.

Completing an ArtefactEdit

  • At last!
  • What a build!
  • Guess what I've got!
  • It's complete!
  • Hahahaha!
  • Fear my might!

Purchasing Fundamental Items Edit


Gankweed Edit

  • As they say, four-twenty blaze it...
  • Personally, I never touch the stuff.

Dureto Edit

  • I like these. A lot.
  • I've heard these are quite addictive.


  • Top kek indeed.
  • Yum.

Purchasing ArtefactsEdit

George's Mighty Tome Edit

  • Level 1: My book! It's here!
  • Level 1: What secrets lie within these pages?
  • Level 1: Ooooh, what a read.
  • Level 2: More knowledge for my mind.
  • Level 2: Another page for the book.
  • Level 2: It just keeps growing!
  • Level 3: Hmmm...
  • Level 3: Lovely.
  • Level 4: Oooh, what now?
  • Level 4: My knowledge grows!
  • Level 5: Exceptional!
  • Level 5: It's complete!
  • Level 5: This is magnificent!

The Course Notes Edit

  • These could be handy.

Great Crown of Acrylion Edit

  • Ooooh, it's shiny...
  • Rather comfy, actually.

Purchasing Weapons Edit


  • The best of the best!

Dual Berettas Edit

  • Pew pew pew!

Desert Eagle Edit

  • Pew pew pew!

Purchasing Armour Edit

High Lord's Cape Edit

  • How can it be?
  • This is a treasure indeed!
  • I already wear a cape... This seems redundant.

Purchasing Arcane Items Edit

Supreme Staff Edit

  • What power I wield!
  • Incredible!

Goggle Glass Edit

  • Oooh, everything's all numbery and stuff.
  • Very trendy, these.

Bottling a RuneEdit

  • Oooh, ello.
  • I'll take that.
  • Lovely!

Activating a RuneEdit

  • Wow!
  • Nice.
  • Ooh, that's good.

Activating HasteEdit

  • Gotta go fast!
  • Woooaaahh!

Activating Double DamageEdit

  • Fzoom!
  • Bwwaaaarrggh!

Activating IllusionEdit

  • Three times the skill!
  • Hello friends!

Activating RegenerationEdit

  • I feel better already!
  • Tip-top condition!

Activating InvisibilityEdit

  • Can't get me now!
  • Am I invisible or just transparent?


  • Ha ha, nice try!
  • Denied!
  • De-nied!
  • Ha ha ha!

Killing Dark GeorgeEdit

  • I'm so skilful, I can defeat even myself.
  • Darkness never wins! Probably!
  • Yay!
  • That wasn't too hard at all.
  • What skill!
  • Dark me, you disappoint me.
  • Woop!

Picking Up Part of the Cream TeaEdit

  • Declicious! Oh wait, this might be important.
  • Containing all your necessary vitamins and minerals!
  • What a delicacy!
  • Wow! A cream tea! I love cream tea!

Completing the Cream TeaEdit

  • Oh my, this is exceptional baking!
  • Such a spread!
  • I think I'll enjoy this.
  • Scones, jam and cream! Brilliant!
  • Now what do I spread on first?

Under AttackEdit

  • Oh-oh!
  • Ouch!
  • Stop that!
  • Help!


  • Just be patient!
  • I'm not ready yet!
  • Come on!
  • More than 60 seconds: It's going to be aaaaaages!

Not Enough ManaEdit

  • I've run out of mana.
  • Not enough!
  • Not now!
  • Oh, come on!


  • Thank you!
  • Thanks, I guess.
  • Think nothing of it!
  • My pleasure.

Missing CallsEdit

  • Missing top!
  • Missing middle!
  • Missing bottom!


  • Just as I was getting into it!
  • Everyone has their off days!
  • There's always a next time!
  • Curses! I didn't see that coming!


  • Wahey! Victory!
  • Well done us!
  • I knew we could do it!
  • Victory for the Realm!