Killing a Rival Edit

  • James: Just shut up!

Meeting an AllyEdit

  • Grrrreat banter.

Being GankedEdit

  • Where the fuck is everyone?
  • Five people: What? That's five on one!

Dying Edit

  • What? I hit him like ten times!
  • No! That's not fair!
  • Well done, using everything on me.
  • He must have had impeccable accuracy.
  • What? That chicken's invincible!

Visiting the ShopEdit

  • I think I'll eco for now.
  • I'd rather save my money.

Stunned Edit

  • Why can't I fucking move?

Activating an Invisibility Rune Edit

  • I think they can see me, guys...


  • This always happens!


  • We actually won a fucking game.