The League of Bearded Gentlemen
Icon Str selected
35 + 2.4
Icon Agi
15 + 1.5
Icon Int
5 + 1.0
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 815 1537 2278
Mana 65 286 637
Damage 50-60 88-98 127-137
Armor 1.4 4.83 9.24
Attacks / Second 0.57 0.69 0.85
Movement Speed 290
Turn Rate 0.75
Sight Range 1500/750
Attack Range Melee
Missile Speed Instant
Attack Duration 0.9 + 1.5
Cast Duration 0.6 + 1.2
Base Attack Time 2

Elliot, Harbinger of Rage, is a melee Strength hero who fights for the League of Bearded Gentlemen. While he is ordinarily a perfectly capable fighter, as he fights Elliot develops a fantastic rage which grants him an incredible advantage in combat. Elliot will often be seen doing the brunt of the damage in a teamfight, and is perfectly capable of tanking enemy damage too. However, his enemies should not be quick to focus all their power on him, as Elliot has several tricks up his sleeve. As things that aren't quite to his liking occur, Elliot gains points for his Rage Counter, which increase his attributes and enable him to use other abilities. With these points Elliot can use his Pessimism against enemies, weakening them enough for the team to take them out. And when Elliot's foes eventually manage to knock him out, he marks they become Marked for Death and Elliot's primary target... which is not a good thing. But when Elliot's rage grows too much to handle, Elliot can enter the almighty Rage Mode, which turns Elliot into an almost demonic figure, with a huge damage output. He can also use his Fury as a weapon while he rages, to weaken and harm his enemies to great effect! Elliot;s abilities scale well all throughout the game, and he can easily be a key component of any team, whether he is a carry or a tank.


Elliot, Harbinger of Rage
'What? That's not fair!'
Role: Durable / Carry
Lore: Pelinor's Arena is a deadly place: many who enter its dusty grounds fail to leave ever again. But there is one figure in the history of the Arena who always stands out: Elliot, the Harbinger of Rage.

When Elliot originally entered the Arena, he had been on the run from the Guard for a crime he probably had committed but didn't want to admit to. The Arena was a place to escape the judgement of the Wise Ones and make a new life for himself. Also, he thought, if he were to die in a bloody battle it would probably be a good thing. At first, few took notice of the young lad as he won his first couple of skirmishes. But as he rose up the ranks, the name Elliot became something of a legend: this was the man who had defeated countless of his foes and yet never lost a fight. Elliot was a hero among the people of Pelinor, as he fought against warriors, hunters, assassins, even the occasional foolhardy mage who stumbled into the fight.

As he battled, Elliot realised that within him was a great power. Not a power in the traditional sense, one tapped into by wizards to create magick, but more of an innate ability. As he fought he grew angrier and angrier, and the angrier he became the better he thought. As his foes turned to cunning and trickery to defeat him, his rage grew. He faced invisible heroes, and people who would hide away, biding their time until his guard was down before striking. But Elliot found that the more this happened, the easier it was to hone in on these fools and effortlessly counter these tactics. Suddenly his enemies were wary. Their methods, previously unbeatable, had become flawed.

And so Elliot continued to fight in the Arena, and still he faced tricksters and fools. But he was not afraid. Who could dare stand against Elliot, the Harbinger of Rage!


Rage Counter

Ability Affects Damage
Passive Self N/A
While Elliot battles he constantly encounters things that anger him, and this increases his Rage Counter by one point. Each point enhances Elliot's attributes and can be spent on his other abilities, including Rage Mode. Once Elliot has reached the maximum amount of Rage Points, each additional point will restore some of Elliot's HP.
Max Points: 25/50/75/100
Bonus Attributes per point: 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0
Health Restored: 10/20/30/40
Radius: 2000
Elliot's fury slowly builds up each time his enemies cheat him.

The following events will add points to Elliot's Rage Counter:

  • Elliot dies to someone of a higher level: 5
  • Elliot dies to someone of a lower level: 10
  • Elliot is attacked by more than one person: 5
  • Elliot is attacked by four people: 15
  • Elliot is attacked by five people: 25
  • Elliot sustains damage equal to 50% or more of his health in two seconds: 5
  • Elliot sustains damage equal to 90% or more of his health in two seconds: 25
  • Elliot is killed within three seconds of entering a skirmish: 10
  • Elliot is killed by a critical hit: 10
  • Elliot is killed by a critical hit of more than 1000 damage: 25
  • Elliot fails to kill someone: 5
  • Elliot fails to kill someone due to their invisibility: 15
  • Elliot misses an attack due to evasion: 2
  • Elliot misses three attacks consecutively due to evasion: 10
  • Elliot is stunned for less than a second: 1
  • Elliot is stunned for more than a second: 2
  • Elliot is stunned for more than three seconds: 5

Every two minutes:

  • Elliot's team is losing on kills: Difference in kills
  • Elliot's team is losing on towers: Difference in towers*2

One time bonus:

  • Elliot's team's tier-one towers have all fallen: 10
  • Elliot's team's tier-two towers have all fallen: 20
  • Elliot's team's tier-three towers have all fallen: 30
  • Elliot's team's barracks have all fallen: 40
  • Elliot's Ancient is no longer invulnerable: 50
  • Elliot's team's ancient is on quarter health: 100


Ability Affects Damage
Toggle Enemies N/A
Elliot's pessimism is infectious, and it causes enemies around him to be slowed and weakened in several ways. While Pessimism is active Elliot's rage wanes and he will not generate any Rage Points. While in Rage Mode Pessimism is replaced with Fury.
Radius: 1000
Movement Speed Reduction: 5.0%/7.5%/10.0%/12.5%
Attack Speed Reduction: 5.0%/7.5%/10.0%/12.5%
Rage Points per second: 5/4/3/2
Elliot's pessimism is so strong that even his enemies feel it.


Ability Affects Damage
Toggle Enemies N/A
When Elliot rages, his fury is so strong that it permeates the very air around him, weakening his enemies and also damaging them for a percentage of their max health, but at the cost of Elliot's own. When not in Rage Mode Fury is replaced with Pessimism.
Radius: 2000
Movement Speed Reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%
Attack Speed Reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%
Armour Reduction: 40%/50%/60%/70%
Damage per second: 1%/2%/3%/4%
The fury Elliot possesses can weaken all of his foes.

Marked for Death

Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemies HP Removal
Elliot cannot comprehend the idea of losing, so every time he dies he marks his killer, enabling them to be seen by Elliot's team. Every time that person kills him they gain an additional stack on this mark. The more stacks Elliot creates, the angrier he becomes, and he moves faster in order to catch and destroy his target. When he eventually does reach his target, he will deal damage to them equal to a percentage of their full health, depending on how many stacks they have accumulated. When Elliot enters Rage Mode, he can target one of his marks and charge towards them at an alarming rate, smashing through anything that gets in his way. When he has reached a radius around his target, he stops charging but moves even faster and takes less damage from enemies other than his target. The bonus movement speed in the radius does not stack with the general bonus movement speed.
Max Stacks per target: 2/3/4/5
Bonus Movement Speed per stack (Rage Mode): 4%/6%/8%/10%
Bonus Movement Speed per stack (Rage Mode - in radius): 10%/11%/12%/14%
Damage per stack: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Sight Radius: 500
Attack Radius (Rage Mode): 1000
Enemy Damage Reduction per stack (Rage Mode): 20%/40%/60%/80%
Elliot remembers those who played dirty...

Target Mark

Ability Affects Damage
Unit Target Self N/A
Elliot charges towards his marked target, ignoring all terrain.
...and he will find them

  • Only active when Elliot is in Rage Mode.

Rage Mode

Ability Affects Damage
No Target Self Pure
Elliot unleashes his almighty rage, the scale of which is proportional to the number of Rage Points he has accumulated. When in Rage Mode Elliot gains a huge increase in his attributes, gains True Sight, and also gains the ability to charge towards any of his marked targets. Pessimism is replaced with Fury, an ability designed to take advantage of Elliot's pent-up rage. As Rage Mode progresses, Elliot's Rage Points rapidly decrease, and when he has zero his rage subsides (the bonuses granted by Rage Mode are constant during the ability, although bonuses granted by Rage Points are lost as Rage Points decrease). No Rage Points can be gained during Rage Mode.
Bonus Damage per point: 1/2/3
Bonus Attributes per point: 1/2/3
Bonus Armour per point: 1/2/3
Bonus Movement Speed per point: 0.2%/0.4%/0.6%
True Sight Radius: 2000/3000/4000
Point Cost per second: 5/4/3
Elliot's rage is not a sight to be missed, unless he turns that rage on you.

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