Course Summary Notes
Jarrett himself penned these notes detailing the intricacies of the universe.
Bought from
Active Change Topic
Passive Study
Bonus +10/20 Intelligence

+10/20 Chosen Attribute

Disassemble? No
Recipe Old Tome

Ancient Page x2/4
Physics Textbook x1/2

The Course Summary Notes are an Artefact purchasable from the Main Shop. They grant the user bonus Intelligence and can be toggled to grant an extra bonus of any of the three attributes. The Course Summary Notes can be upgraded to increase the bonuses obtainable.


Change Topic

Ability Affects Damage
No Target Self N/A
Changes the topic of the Notes, switching the chosen attribute to Strength, Intelligence or Agility.


Ability Affects Damage
Passive Self N/A
As the Notes remain on one topic, charges are gained which increase the bonuses granted to the chosen attribute. When Change Topic is used the charges for that topic decrease by a certain amount. Each topic has a separate set of charges, but the bonus is only affected by the currently active topic.
Maximum Charges: 5/10
Additional Bonus Attribute per charge: 1/2
Time per charge: 30/20
Charges Lost: 3/2

  • Blitzkrieg II replaces Blitzkrieg if Elliot uses the Negev.
  • One charge is used per auto-attack during the Negev's activation.