Amulet of Wrath
An amulet constructed of pure hatred and darkness.
Bought from
Active Unleash
Cooldown 100
Passive Wrathbringer
Bonus +33% Evasion

+33% Health Regen
+33% Mana Regen
+33% Magic Resistance
+33% Movement Speed
+33% Armour

Disassemble? No
Recipe Dhaksol Talisman

Hyxagan Jewel
??? Bracelet

The Amulet of Wrath is an Artefact purchasable from the Main Shop, although it requires components from the Secret Shop to be completed. It is one of the most powerful items in the game, granting percentage-based bonuses to many stats and possessing a powerful passive and active ability.



Ability Affects Damage
No Target Enemy Units Physical
After a short channelling period, unleashes a huge wave of anger that deals damage to enemies as it passes through them. Damage the user accumulates during the channel will be added to the base damage.
Base Damage: 250
Radius: 500
Channel Duration: 3
Cooldown icon 100 Mana icon 300


Ability Affects Damage
Passive Enemy Units Physical
Enemies that attack the user have a chance to be stunned for a short period, during which all damage to them is amplified.
Stun: 2
Damage Amplification: 500%
Chance: 25%
Cooldown icon 5