The Tomspyk Crew
Icon Str
15 + 1.5
Icon Agi
25 + 3
Icon Int selected
20 + 3.1
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 435 891 1499
Mana 260 884 1482
Damage 0-2001 48-2049 94-2095
Armor 3 9.58 15.88
Attacks / Second 0.1 0.14 0.18
Movement Speed 330
Turn Rate 1
Sight Range .01/123
Attack Range 200
Missile Speed 200
Attack Duration 1000 + 1203
Cast Duration 12334 + 123143
Base Attack Time 12
Adam, rumored to be the only man capable of wearing a hat ( and looking good in it). Is a ranged intelligence hero who fights for the League of Bearded Gentlemen. His muscular physic and dashing good looks give him enough charisma to perform spectacles never before seen by mortals. His first move the Hit Him Really Hard with Staff is an incredibly powerful as it can stun any hero from close range for up to 15 seconds depending on how hard he hits people with the staff. His second move , a passive named Can't Touch This grants him immunity to stuns if he feels like he doesn't want to be stunned which is often. His next move The Electric Slide moves the target to the selected destination in a funky dance move much like the popular 80's dance move with the same name. It's zero mana cost and infinite range makes it a perfect escape. Finally his ultimate the Pyjama Party causes everyone in the area of effect to suddenly change into pyjamas causing them to be stunned in embarrassment and take 1000 damage.